In 2013 after huge success of my previous ebook ive decided to make new one – this time paid. In this text i share two unique methods to gather 100% google trusted links in two sneaky ways. The links come straight from itself and have nothing to do with Google+ or their Blogger platform. They are in article and dofollow. Price of Trust Rank Exploit ebook is a bargain.
get links straight fro


In 2012 ive decided to create first free ebook instead of usual blog posting. The ebook was short and to the point – the way i always write. It covers few really easy yet unknown methods to stop spammers on your sites and not let your content be ripped by others. I was really happy to see over 1000 downloads straight from my website and it didnt get single bad review.


In 2012 after Pinterest boom, me and my buddy decided (actually was more his idea than mine) to make a tool that would allow to make multi-account campaigns on pinterest. Pintensify allows you to generate pins from spintax, pin and repin things by keyword or username, auto comment and like pins + much much more. It is an all in one solution for pinterest botting, yet due to many changes on pinterest and not enough time to make the app 100% working the tool is possible to buy as Beta release.
Pinterest spamming bot


In late 2011 due to loads of emails from blog readers and so many views i decided to make a community in form of a forum. It was open at first but because most people were just coming to repost to other forums and give nothing back.. I made it closed. Also google attempts at destorying SEO were an inspiration to make a closed community. BlackhatPwnageForum is one time payment and everybodys welcome – whether he is blackhat/whitehat or newb/pro. You can find there guides, 0sec deals, free linkslists, software and scripts.
blackhat forum


In 2011 i was in need of google cache ripper. My buddy helped me to make such small tool.. few weeks later we started building a massive software that is actually loads of small-task SEO tools all i none. Currently BSS is one of those SEO softwares that i have open 24/7 and it had ZERO bad press. Inside you will find many keyword scrapers, article rippers, xrumer tools, email harvesters, text manipulation software, ppc calculators, proxy harvester and checker + much more. Usually you would pay 10-30$ per tool, here you get all of them multithreaded and multitasked [so you can run each tool few times and make them work together] in one decent package. Tool available for Windows, Linux and Mac!
Over 40 programs all in one


In 2010 (so way before all other automated softwares came out) i`ve made Mass Prestige Poster, a tool that with full automation can post to over 50 CMSes [blogs,guestbooks,wikipedias and some others], learn new fields and automatically break math captchas. The ground-breaking [and still not beaten up by many] thing in the tool was – it knew itself how to post on each CMS – what code to use, where to place link, how to avoid spam filters. After 2 years and loads of programs on market MPP is still working, and has dedicated users.
software similar to xrumer


In 2009 i decided i will be sharing my knowledge and wisdom of blackhat seo with other people and created a blog which is now considered #1 blackhat seo resource online. It has reviews of 100% verified software, i denied many many reviews + free methods that really work. Even tho site has “blackhat” in name it is actually an internet marketing blog with more agressive point of view but alot of normal white hat guys or just IM people will find there alot of useful information. Site gets over 9k unique users a month and has the only non-spammy mailing list in the universe. I mail only when i post something and the mails.. lets say they are worth reading!
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