Back from Rome and about to work – TravelHack

I took a week off and travelled to Rome. Preety nice spot and mad hot. I was lately so bust i even forgot to post here that we released 2nd part of Trust Rank Exploits ebook is still unoutched by Google and works. I personally use that links.

Ok about Rome here is few things you should know.
There is no open WiFi there. You havr to either be in restaurant that gives it or not have it. So while choosing hotel really aim for 1 with internet in price or you will be in trouble.

Buying ticket for 3 days is useless. There is nobody checking tickets and buses are delayed as fuck. For goign with buses dont use ticket, if you need to enter subway/train then you need to pass gate. Around 3 people can pass gate on 1 ticket. You put it in, then gate opens and all people jump in. You will see strangers jumping with you ;)

The water in city is free and good to drink, so all you need is an empty bootle and you are set for the hot times.

ANd the last tip for visiting rome.. Always check receipts in restaurants – fuckers like to add up shit you didnt order or change prices. Other then that this is a sweet place with really friendly people. I had literally 10s of people trying to help me when i didnt know where to go without even asking them. Literelly very nice people in Rome and very cool city if you like sightseeing.