Backlinks Maid – My New Product – Tutorials and Usage

After soem time [maybe even years] ive finally came with new app. As usual its somethign that i needed myself but market was missing – Backlinks Maid – Ultimate Links Cleaner and Google Manual Penalty Revoker

Since program is really fresh and not everybody understand its power from the sales page [keep it mind it uses PRIVATE SPAM LISTS - something thats value cannot be put to numbers] i`ve decided to make some tutorials on main things you can do with this little tool.

Clean Scraped or Downloaded from some forums Backlinks


@ The steps are as follow:

1. Add bad words that you dont want

2. Set up domain indexing [if domai nis not indexed why would you need it]

3. Run the tool

On the export choose to talk only non-evil [means not on malware/spamdb lists] + indexed domains.

Voila your list is clear and secure!


How to Revoke Manual Google Penalty
Soundds too good to be true? This stuff is field tested and works. The steps are smilar to ones described in video but?
1. We take links from Google Webmaster Tools
2. We clean them
3. We upload them to Google Disavow Tool
4. We ask for reconsideration request and wait to see messages like below.

google penguin fixreconsideration request of penalty

How to Create Negative SEO Lists

@ The same thing that made you good list above – produces the nasty list you can use on your competitors. All you have to do is change on export to take evil only URLs.


How to Bulk Check Expired and Auction Domains

@ Steps are as follow:

1. Add bad words

2. Put PageRank check

3. Put Alexa check [if you want Alexa domains]

4. Run the tool.

On export choose – min PR, min Alexa.

Now you have fully good expired domains list that are not on any blacklist and wasnt penalized before.

Hostgator and Bluehost Down – How Much Money Did You Loose ?

Today people are really mad because most choosen cheap servers in HG or BH. Me unlike others is not. Of course i DO use hostgator, but mayority of my sites is not with them – i lost almost nothing today due to sites beeing down. Also there is 1 method that not many people use and that should be for such cases – backup server.
I will explain it in a second. But for start here is hosts that i use:
Hostnine with coupon bhpwnage15 for 15% off – for small blogs, aff pages, landing pages.
IPXCore with bhpwnage for 15% off recurring - for small VPS with sites that have a bit more traffic or just big number of LPs
WiredTree – for most important sites and ones with big traffic
Namecheap - same as HG, literally
HG i use for small blogs and aff sites.

So lets say we rank top10 for buy viagra with 5 pages small site and our host dies for 24h. Theres 2 things. 1 that wil lsurely happen – you loose 24h money on such decent keyword. 2 – google may decide your site sukcks due to beeing down and you will loose your rank by spot or even few.. Risky right?

hostgator shared hosting down - the fix to connectThe method to keep servers up and rankings is simple. Keep backup of sites that rank/bring you constant money on other servers ie HG – > H9 transition makes sense here as they have similar packages.
Then when server dies for too long and their support says ‘dont know when it will eb back’, you dont give a fuck and change DNS. If you have domain at registrar like Godaddy or Namecheap an the domain is .com + the server is in USA [like hosts i mentioned] the DNS propagation will literally take MINUTES.

So if you have backup of your sites somewhere better switch domains right now before tommorow you may see ranks lost.
There is HUGE chance that due to Google algo tweaks on site load speed, site availability vs rankings, tommorow many people will loose their usual Google rank spot.

Keep in midn that VPSes often are not ‘right away’ sold so go for shared hostings and change NSes even before fully ordering to speedup the situation. ALso domain in NC + NC host = fast switch if you are in trouble right now.

For fast help with the hosts mentioned their generic dnses/nameservers are:

Back from Rome and about to work – TravelHack

I took a week off and travelled to Rome. Preety nice spot and mad hot. I was lately so bust i even forgot to post here that we released 2nd part of Trust Rank Exploits ebook is still unoutched by Google and works. I personally use that links.

Ok about Rome here is few things you should know.
There is no open WiFi there. You havr to either be in restaurant that gives it or not have it. So while choosing hotel really aim for 1 with internet in price or you will be in trouble.

Buying ticket for 3 days is useless. There is nobody checking tickets and buses are delayed as fuck. For goign with buses dont use ticket, if you need to enter subway/train then you need to pass gate. Around 3 people can pass gate on 1 ticket. You put it in, then gate opens and all people jump in. You will see strangers jumping with you ;)

The water in city is free and good to drink, so all you need is an empty bootle and you are set for the hot times.

ANd the last tip for visiting rome.. Always check receipts in restaurants – fuckers like to add up shit you didnt order or change prices. Other then that this is a sweet place with really friendly people. I had literally 10s of people trying to help me when i didnt know where to go without even asking them. Literelly very nice people in Rome and very cool city if you like sightseeing.

Biggest List of Adsense Revshare Sites – Revenue SHaring on Blogs, Forums and in Articles

Revenue sharing. This is a perfect way to let users create content for you, and more and more new forums and blogs are startign to use this method of bringing constant users to create conent. There are many way of revenue sharing but in this post i will list you some adsense using sites – as thats still most popular system for this kind of method. Im writign here that sites clai mto share some kind of % in advertising views because we actually never know if this % is real.
If you are unsure what im talking about here is definition of revenue sharing after Wikipedia: In business, revenue sharing refers to the sharing of profits and losses among different groups. One form shares between the general partner(s) and limited partners in a limited partnership. Another form shares with a company’s employees, and another between companies in a business alliance.

Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

revenue sharing websites with adsenseSites that claim to share 100% adsense revenue:

Sites that claim to share 90% adsense revenue:

Sites that claim to share 80% adsense revenue:

Sites that claim to share 75% adsense revenue:

Sites that claim to share 70% adsense revenue:

Sites that claim to share 60% adsense revenue:

Sites that claim to share 50% adsense revenue:

Mainly tommorow [2nd may] is my birthday so we can say this is an birthday post. If you like what im doing or just want to be nice i take birthday donations in:
paypal –
bitcoin – 1CDwXeeVWiTLqKY6A3XWEGNJmvn389dm5u
litecoin – LRHtH2VxEkF5fkZvW19iKwNS3awkp93VQ5


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First post in 2013 – My visit to Australia

So i were to Australia for vacations during last 2 weeks. I was suposed to post stuff i got for donations this year [here is seo software worth buying post describing the situation]. I did buy a pack of local beers in Sydney and got picture but somehow my girl delated it from camera.. I could fake it with other picture of alcohol but that wouldnt be it. So instead of usual alcohol pictures i will give you 2 cool pictures from my travel. Lets say that the crocodile that i ate on the piture below was from the donation, it actually costed similar money to the beers.. But im susposed to post beers. I hope you guys are not sad or mad on me!

Eating crocodile from grill

Grilled crocodile photo

How does it taste? I say similar to chicken just a bit more ‘hard’ to crunch. But way better than kangaroo. And Emu [yes the ostrich] really sucks. So if you visit Australia go for Croc and Kangaroo but skip Emu definately. I dont know anybody that enjoed it.

Also i foudn a new movie to add to the list at one of most readable posts on the blog – How to really make money online called Arbitrage.Good motivational thinge with twists!
Now i also have other picture that is a bit odd to me. Propably to australians not. I did tag it even tho due to its nature i shouldnt.. But who knows it may go viral a bit.. Its official advertisment of ice-cream company..

Australia advertisment of Gay Icecream

Gay ice-cream in Australia by Streets company.

New design

Time to do some changes to this site because i will be starting more whitehat projects. Lets treat this as a small CV or whatever.

My first free ebook will be coming out within few days or even hours.